International Trading Platform
for buying and selling flowers

MEFY 24 connects plantations and trading companies all around the world. You can buy and sell cut flowers, potted plants and decor items in the system.

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Online platform for successful
deals in the flower business


Purchases and sales of flowers and plants in
any amounts: from small,
to large wholesale


There are wholesale companies,
plantations, private individuals and retail
shops all around the world


Direct cooperation without
intermediaries, extra contracts and


Safe deals with guarantees, product quality control
and manufacturer


Versatile catalog with
cut flowers, potted
plants, materials for decoration, etc.

The best tool for
the flower business

mefy24 is an international flower platform. It connects plantations and trading companies all around the world. You can buy and sell cut flowers, potted plants and decor items in the system.

The platform allows you to perform direct transactions without intermediaries witha guaranteed result. It features a detailed catalog with a rating of sellers and buyers. It has a transparent system of discounts and financial supervision.

Trustful partner of your business.

Why does everyone use our


One click job

You don’t need to sign up, send contracts and contact by telephone. Platform allows select and order goods without doing extra actions.


Low price guarantee

The system compares all offers for the necessary goods automatically. And it offers only competitive prices on current conditions from seller.


Comfortable for everyone

It it comfortable to both plantations and wholesalecompanies and retail sellers with small business. The platform adapts to user and offers only needed features.

Get rid of your business problems

Our team has been engaged in the flower business for many years. And while creating the platform we took into account the problems that are typical
to this industry.

Now you will not encounter such difficulties as:


A large number of
intermediaries and overpricing


Difficulties in searching and
choosing the right product


Lack of confidence in quality
product and difficulty to return spoiled product


The need to monitor the
process personally


Constant search for new and proven
suppliers with favorable conditions


Mess in document flow,
invoices and budget

advantage in
the market.

The versatile platform keeps us away
from other websites several levels

Easy to use catalog.

Here you will find the right products in seconds. Special filtering and sorting algorithms simplify the process. And if the product is not found, then you can leave a request to purchase it.

Financial guarantee.

The risk of being deceived is equal to zero. The platform acts as a guarantor in all transactions which is convenient for both sellers and buyers.

Courier delivery.

The platform offers favorable and fast delivery conditions. There is no need to drive and pick up the goods. It is possible to use transport companies or local couriers.

Up-to-date conditions.

The buyer is always aware of places with the best prices. Sellers makefair promotions and discounts. And they can send special offers to their customers.

Single sign-on.

No need to attach to one supplier to save your discounts and conditions. It is enough to sign up once to choose between the best offers.

Who needs the platform?

Wholesale companies

For doubling revenue and finding customers. And also, for full processes automation and cost reduction.


To increase the number of distribution channels and the sale of goods in large volumes.

Retail stores

For the purchase of goods at competitive prices from reliable suppliers. Reducing the waste rate and alleviating logistical problems.

Privates individuals

For the purchase of any product in small quantities. And for cooperation with large companies without intermediaries.


If you are a wholesale company or a plantation,
double your sales and automate all processes


A convenient CRM is built into the platform to track bids and monitor sales online.

System of promotions and discounts.

Create promo codes with special offers and send out to the customer base just in a few clicks.

No need to spend money on advertising.

We ourselves attract the core audience to the platform. You do not need to spend money on promoting your products.

Personal branded page.

Design your company page in branded colors. No need to spend money on creating a separate website and promote it.

Fully online deal.

From receiving the request up to the dispatch of goods for shipment. Everything happens on the platform in real time.

Easy management.

The platform page is easy to manage. It does not require any IT skills.

Quick purchasing.

Your potential customers do not need to pass additional registration to buy your goods.

Goods accounting and distribution of sales.

Statistics and reports are updated automatically. You can keep track of stock and plan future sales yourself.


If you are a retail store or a private entrepreneur,
save up to 15% on purchasing goods

Fast ordering.

You do not have to complete registration process elsewhere, send documents, call and arrange to be able to place an order. Everything is done online on the platform in just a couple of minutes.

No need to take care about delivery.

The platform cooperates with transport companies and courier services. You only need to choose the type of delivery.

Claim for spoiled product.

If you find a spoiled product in the delivered order, the seller will immediately receive a notification of this. And take action to resolve the situation.

Best offers.

You can subscribe to receive notifications about price cuts or new products. Get information in the selected type on selected products.

The assortment of all product groups.

You can purchase and compare prices for products from around the world. From Holland and Kenya, to Italy and Ecuador.

Seller ratings.

Purchase goods from those who have been repeatedly verified by other users. There is seller rating including assessment of the quality of their goods on the platform.

Professional support.

Technical support will lead you at all stages. It reacts quickly and responds to difficulties.

Absence of intermediaries.

Reduce your costs with direct orders from manufacturers.

Flower business is easy. How does the system work?


Performs a quick process of selling/purchasing products. Provides a financial transaction guarantee. Monitors transfers and is responsible for accounting.


Selects the right product in the catalog and buys it. Selects the type of delivery and sends funds. They freeze until he gets the order. Tracks the stages of delivery in his account. Accepts goods in a warehouse or at an appointed place.


Uploads a catalog of his product assortment on the platform. Receives a request from the buyer and confirms it. Prepares the goods for shipment and transfers to the transport company. Receives payment after the order reached the buyer.

Transport company

Receives a request for delivery and coordinates the date of order receipt by the customer. Arranges delivery to the specified location. The platform arranges documents with the transport company by itself.

All in one place

The platform brings together sellers and buyers from all around the world.

It does not require additional registration and contracts to work with companies from other countries. Cut flowers, potted plants and decor products can be purchased in one order.

It offers only proven sellers and buyers, favorable conditions and transparent discounts.

Run your flower business in a new way.